Who is Krista Jade?

The basics:

I hail from Saskatchewan, Canada (one of the coldest places on Earth). I was born here and currently live here but I love to travel and experience other cultures, so I have come and gone from Saskatchewan during my life.

I have two funny and adventurous children who make me laugh everyday (hello, happiness!) and a loving partner who’s always up for the next adventure.

As I said earlier, I love to travel. It is my most favourite pastime but I also have a passion for learning, languages, history, making friendships, gardening, cooking, art, crafts and exploring.

A little more in depth:

So how did I get to become a growth and leadership mentor? It’s been a journey which I am so excited to share with you.

Rewind my life 10-15 years and it did not look as it does now. In high school I was often depressed. I didn’t value relationships as I do now as it took me a long time to trust someone and was quick to dismiss the relationship if I felt I was going to be abandoned. I often thought of means of escape.

This feeling of loneliness and depression continued into my early 20’s. I made friends quickly and was just as quick to dismiss them from my life. I was the life of the party and lived to go out and live in a dream state. When I wasn’t working or partying, I was sleeping. Looking back now, this is not a way of life I would wish upon anyone.

In my mid-twenties I met someone, though unknowingly at the time, changed my life forever.

She introduced me to personal growth and leadership, lent me books and brought me to conferences. The people that I was meeting were unlike any I had ever met before. They were all so joyous, accepting and driven people. Just being around their energies was enough to change a person’s perception on life.

Before then, I didn’t ever believe happiness was a real thing, or at least not for me to experience fully but I read what they recommended, attended speeches, surrounded myself with positive people, pushed through my comfort zone and began envisioning a different life for me.

Fast forward to today… My past self seems like a distant dream. I now love life; I love being alive. I have amazing people in my life who help me strive to live life to the fullest. I’m excited to get out of bed everyday and need to share this gift with the world!

I have made it my life’s purpose to help others who are lost or even just forgotten who they were, find their way. For the past five years I have immersed myself in growth and leadership. In the summer of 2016 I started the journey of mentoring. Currently I hold the certification of Mentor Advocate at the foundation level.

If you are struggling like I was, I urge you to keep an open heart and mind and follow along my journey. Life has so much more to offer you and you deserve a life filled with purpose and happiness.

My wish is that everyone who is having troubles with finding happiness, self-esteem, personal and business success learns the skills and tools that I have to help open their mind to a brighter future.